So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Tunbridge, Kent, England



Latitude: 51.19716, Longitude: 0.27405


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLUNDELL, Martha  1553Tunbridge, Kent, England I31160
2 CLARE, Adeliz de  1115Tunbridge, Kent, England I31755
3 CLARE, Adeliza de  1069Tunbridge, Kent, England I48648
4 CLARE, Basilia de  Tunbridge, Kent, England I48502
5 CLARE, Bevis  21 Jul 1248Tunbridge, Kent, England I45937
6 CLARE, Eveline de  1160Tunbridge, Kent, England I28349
7 CLARE, Earl Gilbert Fitz-Richard de  21 Sep 1065Tunbridge, Kent, England I28277
8 CLARE, Isabell de  May 1240Tunbridge, Kent, England I45936
9 CLARE, Margaret de  1249Tunbridge, Kent, England I45939
10 CLARE, Countess Margaret de  22 Dec 1314Tunbridge, Kent, England I27915
11 CLARE, Richard de  1062Tunbridge, Kent, England I48647
12 CLARE, Richard de  1162Tunbridge, Kent, England I28352
13 CLARE, Earl Richard Fitzgilbert  1130Tunbridge, Kent, England I43902
14 CLARE, Robert de  1094Tunbridge, Kent, England I32503
15 CLARE, Robert de  Abt 1249Tunbridge, Kent, England I45938
16 CLARE, Roger de  1124Tunbridge, Kent, England I28423
17 CLARE, Rohese Agnes De  17 Oct 1252Tunbridge, Kent, England I45940
18 CLARE, Rohese de  1055Tunbridge, Kent, England I31880
19 CLARE, Lord Thomas de  1255Tunbridge, Kent, England I28488
20 MALTBY, Robert de  1118Tunbridge, Kent, England I28547
21 ST LIZ, Maud  1096Tunbridge, Kent, England I32499
22 STAFFORD, Beatrice  1329Tunbridge, Kent, England I12794
23 STAFFORD, Catherine  1330Tunbridge, Kent, England I34957
24 STAFFORD, Joan de  1336Tunbridge, Kent, England I35094
25 STAFFORD, Lord Ralph  1328Tunbridge, Kent, England I25724
26 TUNBRIDGE, Alice  1114Tunbridge, Kent, England I28648


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUDLEY, Earl Hugh de II  10 Nov 1347Tunbridge, Kent, England I28095
2 AUDLEY, Margaret de  16 Sep 1348Tunbridge, Kent, England I32535
3 BASSETT, Baroness Margaret  17 Mar 1337Tunbridge, Kent, England I35508
4 BLUNDELL, Martha  1623Tunbridge, Kent, England I31160
5 CLARE, Richard de  1107Tunbridge, Kent, England I48647
6 LEWES, George  27 Oct 1574Tunbridge, Kent, England I64060
7 MESCHIN, Alice  1128Tunbridge, Kent, England I28649
8 STAFFORD, Lord Ralph  1347Tunbridge, Kent, England I25724


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AUDLEY, Earl Hugh de II  10 Nov 1347Tunbridge, Kent, England I28095
2 AUDLEY, Margaret de  Sep 1348Tunbridge, Kent, England I32535
3 FITZ-ROBERT, Gilbert  1130Tunbridge, Kent, England I24403
4 MESCHIN, Alice  1128Tunbridge, Kent, England I28649


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLARE / BEAUMONT  1115Tunbridge, Kent, England F11173
2 FITZ-PIERS / CLARE  1181Tunbridge, Kent, England F11326
3 GAVESTON / CLARE  1 Nov 1307Tunbridge, Kent, England F18687