So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England



Latitude: 52.0729502777778, Longitude: -0.599939722222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Edward  1526Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30863
2 BARRETT, Lady Joan  1470Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I61914
3 BILLINGTON, John  14 Feb 1613Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50273
4 FAIRFAX, Margaret  1476Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50280
5 HALSEY, Ann  30 May 1591Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50238
6 JOHNSON, William  1536Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27553
7 KNIGHT, Susan  1606Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50267
8 PAYNE, Thomas  1598Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31191
9 RAWSON, Margaret  1451Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I38705
10 SAYER, Rebecca  1565Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27433
11 SAYER, William  1546Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27375
12 WHEELER, Abiah  17 Jan 1612Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30905
13 WHEELER, Agnes  1539Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30737
14 WHEELER, Alice  Abt 1680Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I55661
15 WHEELER, Anne  1530Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30975
16 WHEELER, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1602Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27403
17 WHEELER, Sargeant Ephriam  16 Mar 1619Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30904
18 WHEELER, George  25 Mar 1605Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27467
19 WHEELER, Henry II  1503Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27555
20 WHEELER, Joan  1537Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30964
21 WHEELER, John  Abt 1533Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30864
22 WHEELER, Mary  20 Oct 1615Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30908
23 WHEELER, Obadiah  5 Dec 1609Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50272
24 WHEELER, Susanna  16 Feb 1607Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27468
25 WHEELER, Thomas  Abt 1465Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31164
26 WHEELER, Thomas  1526Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27559
27 WHEELER, Thomas Sr  2 Mar 1563Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27431
28 WHEELER, Captain Thomas  8 Apr 1620Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30913
29 WHEELER, Captain Timothy  28 Dec 1604Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 KNIGHT, Susan  21 Sep 1606Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50267
2 PIN, Catherine  25 Feb 1610Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50271
3 WHEELER, Elizabeth  18 Jul 1602Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27403
4 WHEELER, Sargeant Ephriam  16 Mar 1619Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30904
5 WHEELER, George  23 Mar 1606Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27467
6 WHEELER, Lieutenant Joseph Jr.  18 Feb 1610Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30910
7 WHEELER, Joseph Sr.  18 Feb 1610Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50239
8 WHEELER, Mary  20 Oct 1615Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30908
9 WHEELER, Richard  13 Jun 1614Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30906
10 WHEELER, Susanna  31 May 1607Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27468
11 WHEELER, Thomas  20 Nov 1603Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27434
12 WHEELER, Captain Thomas  18 Apr 1620Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30913
13 WHEELER, Captain Timothy  28 Dec 1604Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27435


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREAD, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1644Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30673
2 FAIRFAX, Margaret  1525Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50280
3 JOHNSON, William  Abt 1602Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27553
4 KNIGHT, Susan  18 Aug 1638Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I50267
5 RAWSON, Margaret  1514Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I38705
6 SAYER, Alyce  15 Apr 1567Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31188
7 SAYER, Rebecca  3 May 1653Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27433
8 SAYRE, William  1495Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I42266
9 WEST, Robert  24 Apr 1559Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31186
10 WHEELER, Abiah  18 Apr 1637Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30905
11 WHEELER, Agnes  Bef 22 Nov 1620Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30737
12 WHEELER, Anne  Aft 1566Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30975
13 WHEELER, Henry II  17 Mar 1556Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27555
14 WHEELER, Joan  Bef 27 Sep 1617Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30964
15 WHEELER, John  15 Apr 1567Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30864
16 WHEELER, Thomas  15 Dec 1577Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27559
17 WHEELER, Thomas Sr  9 Feb 1635Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27431
18 WHEELER, Thomas  Aug 1654Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAKER, William  27 Apr 1621Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31162
2 SAYER, Alyce  3 May 1567Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I31188
3 SAYER, Rebecca  3 May 1653Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27433
4 SAYRE, William  1495Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I42266
5 WHEELER, Abiah  18 Apr 1637Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30905
6 WHEELER, Agnes  22 Nov 1620Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30737
7 WHEELER, Joan  27 Sep 1617Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30964
8 WHEELER, John  17 Apr 1567Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30864
9 WHEELER, John  22 Jan 1644Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27365
10 WHEELER, Thomas  Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I30675
11 WHEELER, Thomas Sr  11 Feb 1634Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England I27431


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MERIAM / GOLDSTONE  1623Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F9768
2 SAYRE / SQUYER  Abt 1558Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21328
3 WHEELER /   Bef 1526Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F8926
4 WHEELER /   Bef 1595Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21305
5 WHEELER /   Abt 1629Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21310
6 WHEELER / GOLDSTONE  19 May 1642Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F9770
7 WHEELER / HALL  Abt 1639Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21317
8 WHEELER / HALSEY  5 May 1618Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21301
9 WHEELER / KNIGHT  30 Apr 1632Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21309
10 WHEELER / MERRIAM  1643Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F9749
11 WHEELER / PIN  8 Jun 1630Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21314
12 WHEELER / SAYER  11 Feb 1601Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F7120
13 WHEELER / STUDD  12 May 1628Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21313
14 WHEELER / WHEELER  20 Jan 1634Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England F21315