So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Latitude: 42.8268052777778, Longitude: -73.96403


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Queen Fergusia  755Scotland I50889
2 Sigurd  Abt 930Scotland I32131
3 ALTEATHAN, King Bidhe Eochaidh  Scotland I62714
4 ANDERSON, Alexander  13 Jul 1856Scotland I49672
5 BARCLAY, Agnus  Abt 1782Scotland I21283
6 BEAUFORT, Joan  Abt 1433Scotland I63037
7 BROWN, Agnes  Abt 1743Scotland I22629
8 BURNS, William  Abt 1849Scotland I23228
9 CAMPBELL, Celestine  Abt 1400Scotland I55455
10 CAMPBELL, Christian  1365Scotland I55468
11 CAMPBELL, Colel  Abt 1830Scotland I55479
12 DASACHTACH, Prince Eugene  Abt 899Scotland I46662
13 DRUMMOND, William  Abt 1490Scotland I42178
14 DUNBAR, Agnes  Abt 1132Scotland I63089
15 EMMITT, Abraham  1655Scotland I58066
16 FAIRFUL, William  1718Scotland I21996
17 FERGUSSON, David  Scotland I64027
18 FITZALAN, Simon Jordon  Scotland I48821
19 FORBES, Elizabeth  1516Scotland I56009
20 GABHRAN, Kynnatell Mac  470Scotland I62655
21 GALLOWAY, Countess Martha  1215Scotland I62625
22 GARDEN, William Silver  15 Oct 1855Scotland I37279
23 GORDON, Robert Moffat Crisp  1809Scotland I1770
24 HOG, Thomas  Apr 1736Scotland I22630
25 HORWITS, Louis Brown  1865Scotland I78
26 HUNTER, John  1730Scotland I22140
27 INVERESK, Mary  1600Scotland I53137
28 ISAAC  Abt 1339Scotland I50024
29 JOHNSON, Abigale  1797Scotland I22019
30 KENNEDY, David  11 May 1847Scotland I15141
31 KENNEDY, Elizabeth  1820Scotland I13299
32 KENNEDY, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1845Scotland I17508
33 KENNEDY, James  1799Scotland I1763
34 KENNEDY, Mary  Apr 1793Scotland I1760
35 KENNEDY, Mary  2 Jun 1849Scotland I15140
36 KENNEDY, Robert  1797Scotland I1762
37 LOGTOUN, Marjory  1664Scotland I44711
38 MACCRINAN  Abt 1009Scotland I43298
39 MACDONALD, Agnes  1280Scotland I55476
40 MACDONALD, Iain Fraoch  Bef 1300Scotland I52398
41 MACDONNELL, Lord John  Bef 1300Scotland I50068
42 MACEIRC, Loarn  340Scotland I62785
43 MACK, John  1600Scotland I52956
44 MACKINTOSH, Malcolm Og Jr.  1367Scotland I56023
45 MACLACHLAN, Giollapadraig  1280Scotland I54869
46 MEANS, Ann  1506Scotland I63023
47 MERCER, Sir Michael  Abt 1379Scotland I46105
48 MORAY, Finlaech Mormaer  Abt 982Scotland I29602
49 NORTHUMBIA, Earl Seward  978Scotland I29247
50 PADEYRN, Aeternus Edeyn ap  345Scotland I55021

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aodh Finnliath  Scotland I53996
2 Queen Fergusia  780Scotland I50889
3 ACHAIAS  819Scotland I31612
4 ALTEATHAN, King Bidhe Eochaidh  Scotland I62714
5 ARGYLE, King Fergus More  Scotland I43690
6 BEAUMONT, Catherine  11 Nov 1368Scotland I49332
7 BRUCE, Alexander  Scotland I50082
8 BRUS, Robert de  1098Scotland I30004
9 BUTE, James  1210Scotland I49978
10 COMYN, William  1233Scotland I44118
11 DE ROOS, Robert  Scotland I51924
12 DRUMMOND, Margaret  9 Jun 1443Scotland I55464
13 GALLOWAY, Countess Martha  1255Scotland I62625
14 GRAHAM, Lady Agnes  1510Scotland I55493
15 HARCOURT, Bishop Roger  1202Scotland I32610
16 INVERESK, Mary  1627Scotland I53137
17 KENNEDY, John  Scotland I53704
18 KENNEDY, John  1832Scotland I1758
19 LINDSEY, Lord William de  5 Nov 1283Scotland I50000
20 MACDONALD, Agnes  1392Scotland I55476
21 MACDONALD, Mora  1442Scotland I56010
22 MACEIRC, Queen Ercae Marca  Scotland I62661
23 MACFERGUS, King Domangart  Abt 504Scotland I50763
24 MACGORRIE, Agnes  1299Scotland I55134
25 MACK, John  1627Scotland I52956
26 MACKENZIE, Lady Janet  1643Scotland I31213
27 MAR, Isabell  Abt 1298Scotland I43439
28 MORAY, Finlaech Mormaer  1020Scotland I29602
29 OGILVY, Lady Elizabeth Margaret  3 Jun 1495Scotland I43382
30 OSSORY, Queen Edith  Bef 1050Scotland I29693
31 ROGNVALDSSON, Ivar  870Scotland I43767
32 ROGNVALDSSON, Somerled  1240Scotland I55387
33 ROSS, Lord John  16 Oct 1501Scotland I55440
34 SCOTLAND, King Eochaid III  Bef 692Scotland I50772
35 SCOTLAND, Princess Joan  Aft 22 Jun 1493Scotland I49840
36 SINCLAIR, Margaret  Scotland I55508
37 STEWART, Andrew  Bef 1309Scotland I49898
38 STEWART, Lady Anne  Scotland I44129
39 STEWART, Earl David  Bef 5 Mar 1389Scotland I49890
40 STEWART, Egedia  1388Scotland I55461
41 STEWART, Elizabeth  Abt 1389Scotland I49867
42 STEWART, Princess Marjory  Aft 6 May 1417Scotland I49866
43 STEWART, Princess Mary Margaret  1458Scotland I49851
44 TROTTER, William  1692Scotland I20364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANGUS, Earl Gilchrist  1209Scotland I47906
2 BEAUMONT, Catherine  11 Nov 1368Scotland I49332
3 BURT, John  Scotland I21356
4 BURT, William  Scotland I20292
5 CAMPBELL, Sir Knight Colin Longantach  1413Scotland I55463
6 COMBELL, Getbspeck Archibald  1372SCOTLAND I55482
7 DOUGLAS, Sir William  23 Oct 1274Scotland I49914
8 MACDONNELL, Baronet Donald  Scotland I40668
9 MACNIALL, King Foghan Owen  405Scotland I49453
10 SINCLAIR, Margaret  Scotland I55508
11 WHYTE, Agnes Annas  Scotland I21361
12 WILSON, Isabelle  Scotland I20291


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURT / RAMSEY  20 Feb 1853Scotland F8353
2 BURT / SIMPSON  9 Nov 1754Scotland F16808
3 DUNBAR / STEWART  11 Jul 1370Scotland F21139
4 HLODVERSSON / MACKENNETH  1000Scotland F10953
5 KENNEDY /   1792Scotland F623
6 KENNEDY / WILSON  5 Oct 1844Scotland F9655
7 MACDONNELL / STEWART  14 Jun 1350Scotland F21149
8 MALCOLM / SCOTLAND  Abt 957Scotland F17785
9 MORAY / SCOTLAND  1004Scotland F10954
10 QUINCY / GALLOWAY  1220Scotland F11368
11 SCOTLAND / HUNTINGTON  1113Scotland F10228
12 SCOTLAND / SCOTLAND  894Scotland F18391
13 SCOTLAND / SCOTLAND  929Scotland F17790
14 SLOANNE / MEANS  Scotland F27048