So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Raby, Durham, England



Latitude: 52.5271569444444, Longitude: -1.50572361111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice  Abt 1115Raby, Durham, England I49441
2 Joan  Abt 1211Raby, Durham, England I28524
3 BERTRAM, Ida Isabell  Abt 1214Raby, Durham, England I28481
4 BULMER, Emma de  Abt 1144Raby, Durham, England I49438
5 DE NEVILLE, Catherine  1330Raby, Durham, England I28402
6 DOLPHIN  Abt 1110Raby, Durham, England I49440
7 FITZDOLPHIN, Maldred  1157Raby, Durham, England I49436
8 FITZMALDRED, Robert  Abt 1170Raby, Durham, England I49432
9 FOSSARD, Emma  Abt 1124Raby, Durham, England I49447
10 HOLLAND, Countess Margaret  Abt 1353Raby, Durham, England I28360
11 LUCY, Raynold de  1330Raby, Durham, England I28493
12 NEVILLE, Sir Alexander de  1297Raby, Durham, England I30612
13 NEVILLE, Alexander de  1341Raby, Durham, England I28558
14 NEVILLE, Alice de  1293Raby, Durham, England I30625
15 NEVILLE, Alice de  1358Raby, Durham, England I28364
16 NEVILLE, Anastasia de  Abt 1261Raby, Durham, England I45843
17 NEVILLE, Anastasia de  1285Raby, Durham, England I28467
18 NEVILLE, Catherine de  Abt 1330Raby, Durham, England I45793
19 NEVILLE, Eleanor  1360Raby, Durham, England I28405
20 NEVILLE, Eleanor de  1340Raby, Durham, England I28380
21 NEVILLE, Elizabeth de  Abt 1343Raby, Durham, England I45799
22 NEVILLE, Elizabeth de  1369Raby, Durham, England I28359
23 NEVILLE, Euphemia de  1291Raby, Durham, England I30582
24 NEVILLE, Euphemia de  1334Raby, Durham, England I28401
25 NEVILLE, Geoffrey  Abt 1100Raby, Durham, England I49449
26 NEVILLE, Geoffrey de  Abt 1100Raby, Durham, England I49450
27 NEVILLE, Geoffrey de  Abt 1150Raby, Durham, England I49437
28 NEVILLE, Lord Geoffrey de  Abt 1200Raby, Durham, England I28535
29 NEVILLE, Gilbert  Abt 1122Raby, Durham, England I49442
30 NEVILLE, Henry  Abt 1265Raby, Durham, England I45846
31 NEVILLE, Ida de  1289Raby, Durham, England I30763
32 NEVILLE, Idoine de  Abt 1362Raby, Durham, England I45776
33 NEVILLE, Isabell de  Abt 1176Raby, Durham, England I49433
34 NEVILLE, Isabell de  1344Raby, Durham, England I28544
35 NEVILLE, Joan  Abt 1267Raby, Durham, England I45848
36 NEVILLE, Joan de  1283Raby, Durham, England I28374
37 NEVILLE, Baron John  1382Raby, Durham, England I49401
38 NEVILLE, John de  Raby, Durham, England I49431
39 NEVILLE, Knight John de  Abt 1199Raby, Durham, England I49434
40 NEVILLE, John de  1299Raby, Durham, England I28372
41 NEVILLE, Lord John de  1341Raby, Durham, England I29381
42 NEVILLE, Baron John de  Bef 1387Raby, Durham, England I45998
43 NEVILLE, Margaret  12 Feb 1341Raby, Durham, England I45698
44 NEVILLE, Margaret  Abt 1384Raby, Durham, England I49402
45 NEVILLE, Margaret de  Abt 1266Raby, Durham, England I45847
46 NEVILLE, Margaret de  1305Raby, Durham, England I28577
47 NEVILLE, Margaret de  1329Raby, Durham, England I28403
48 NEVILLE, Mary de  1301Raby, Durham, England I28329
49 NEVILLE, Maud de  1367Raby, Durham, England I28562
50 NEVILLE, Mericia  Abt 1271Raby, Durham, England I45851

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Joan  1211Raby, Durham, England I28524
2 NEVILLE, Robert de  1223Raby, Durham, England I28335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERTRAM, Ida Isabell  18 May 1315Raby, Durham, England I28481
2 NEVILLE, Lord Geoffrey de  1258Raby, Durham, England I28535
3 NEVILLE, Gilbert  1168Raby, Durham, England I49442
4 NEVILLE, Baron John de  Bef 20 Mar 1420Raby, Durham, England I45998
5 NEVILLE, Lord Robert  6 Jun 1271Raby, Durham, England I28574
6 STAFFORD, Countess Margaret de  9 Jun 1396Raby, Durham, England I45980


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAUCHAMP / NEVILLE  1307Raby, Durham, England F9874
2 CLIFFORD / NEVILLE  1343Raby, Durham, England F11321
3 D'ACRE / DE NEVILLE  1350Raby, Durham, England F11319
4 DEINCOURT / NEVILLE  Bef 1380Raby, Durham, England F11330
5 FAUCONBERG / NEVILLE  1307Raby, Durham, England F19221
6 LE SCROPE / NEVILLE  Est 1361Raby, Durham, England F11325
7 LUCY / NEVILLE  1346Raby, Durham, England F11322
8 LUCY / NEVILLE  Abt 1347Raby, Durham, England F19114
9 LUMLEY / NEVILLE  1378Raby, Durham, England F11227
10 NEVILLE /   Abt 1232Raby, Durham, England F11353
11 NEVILLE /   Abt 1318Raby, Durham, England F11316
12 NEVILLE / FITZ-RANDOLPH  1261Raby, Durham, England F11265
13 NEVILLE / FITZ-ROBERT  1289Raby, Durham, England F9867
14 NEVILLE / LATIMER  9 Oct 1381Raby, Durham, England F11199
15 NEVILLE / THWENG  Raby, Durham, England F19149
16 ROOS / NEVILLE  Raby, Durham, England F18921
17 ROOS / NEVILLE  8 May 1341Raby, Durham, England F11318
18 SCROPE / NEVILLE  1360Raby, Durham, England F19119
19 SCROPE / NEVILLE  1388Raby, Durham, England F11333