So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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WARD, Diantha

WARD, Diantha

Female 1741 - Abt 1771  (29 years)  Submit Photo / DocumentSubmit Photo / Document

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HALE, William
Male 1784-DECEASED
HALE, Reuben Jr.
Male 1760-1828
HIGLEY, Martha
Female 1766-1826
HALE, Eunice
Female 1788-1849
Male 1789-1849
HALE, Levi
Male 1791-1866
MILLS, Emily
Female 1801-1873
HALE, Orpah
Female 1793-1858
CLARK, Daniel
Male 1793-1858
HALE, Clarissa
Female 1799-DECEASED
EASTMAN, Ephriam
Male 1803-1877
HALE, Tamar
Female 1816-1885
Male Abt 1815-1849
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Male 1818-Aft 1880
HALE, Anna
Female 1817-1890
DOAN, Joseph H.
Male 1812-1878
New chart
DOAN, Charlotte
Female 1822-1893
New chart
HALE, Julius C.
Male 1820-1890
New chart
HALE, Elizabeth
Female 1822-1900
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SMITH, Mercia
Female 1834-1888
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HALE, Nancy
Female 1825-1828
HALE, Hester
Female 1828-Aft 1850
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Female Abt 1830-
HALE, Jesse
Male 1792-1874
WITT, Lucy A.
Female 1828-1885
HALE, Priscilla
Female 1830-1925
New chart
HALE, Betsey
Female 1832-1914
DOAN, Vincent
Male 1825-1892
New chart
HALE, Rhoda Jane
Female 1842-1902
HALE, David
Male 1794-1878
HALE, Stalira
Female 1825-1911
New chart
Female 1831-Abt 1862
Female 1845-
New chart
HALE, Eunice
Female 1830-1902
HALE, Jesse
Male 1836-1905
GRAVES, Maria Jane
Female 1836-Aft 1920
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HALE, Betsey
Female 1836-1905
New chart
Male 1834-
HALE, William F.
Male 1838-1906
WICKS, Letita W.
Female 1849-1933
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HALE, Alva
Male 1795-1881
ROOT, Hannah
Female 1820-1892
New chart
ROOT, Sabrina
Female 1822-1852
ROOT, Isaac H.
Male 1826-Aft 1900
Phoebe E.
Female 1827-Bef 1900
New chart
ROOT, Eunice
Female 1831-1905
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New chart
ROOT, Loraine A.
Female 1836-1911
New chart
CROCKER, Marietta
Female 1823-Abt 1844
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WASSON, Harmon
Male 1820-1859
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New chart
Male 1820-1876
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WASSON, Warren
Male 1833-1896
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HALE, Elizabeth
Female 1800-1874
WASSON, Benjamin
Male 1800-1851
HALE, John Ward
Male 1827-1900
New chart
HALE, Esther
Female 1828-1920
HALE, Isaac
Male 1830-1916
HALE, Melvina
Female 1832-1910
New chart
HALE, Achsah
Female 1834-1907
KENT, Thomas A.
Male 1829-1858
MAXWELL, Mary Emily
Female 1851-Aft 1930
New chart
HALE, Isaac Ward
Male 1802-1892
HALE, Emma
Female 1804-1879
SMITH, Alvin
Male 1828-1828
SMITH, Thadeus
Male 1831-1831
SMITH, Louisa
Female 1831-1831
DIXON, Elisha
Male 1827-1850
Male Abt 1829-Abt 1869
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Female 1843-1896
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SMITH, Thomas
Male 1842-1842
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TUTTLE, Mary Jane
Female 1837-Abt 1865
WEATON, Julia A.
Female 1842-1930
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SNOW, Louis E.
Male 1845-DECEASED
New chart
HALE, Tryael
Female 1806-1860
HALE, Amity
Female 1830-1881
New chart
New chart
HALE, William H.
Male 1836-Aft 1860
HALE, David W.
Male 1845-Aft 1920
HALE, Margaret
Female 1849-1920
Male 1838-Bef 1910
New chart
HALE, George F.
Male 1852-1920
Female 1811-Aft 1880
HALE, Isaac
Male 1763-1839
LEWIS, Elizabeth
Female 1767-1842
HALE, Antha
Female Abt 1765-
HALE, Naomi
Female Abt 1767-1823
Male 1765-1842
Male 1775-1775
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WARD, Diantha
Female 1741-Abt 1771
HALE, Reuben Sr.
Male 1736-1788